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Homework Policy

Parents can support a child’s interest in lifelong learning by encouraging good study habits and providing a learning environment in the home.
• Provide a quiet, well-lighted place for students to do homework.
• Help your child budget time so a regular schedule is set.
• Take an active interest in what your child is doing in school. Ask for an explanation of particular assignments and what is being learned.

Because education is a lifelong process that extends beyond the school, it is important that students recognize that learning occurs in the home and community. Based on the practice of good learning theory, the Board affirms and supports the assigning of homework at all grade levels. It is understood that an awareness of a student’s ability, grade level and home conditions will affect the amount and nature of the homework assigned. Homework is considered here to include not only written work, but also related activities such as viewing specific television programs, news reporting, recreational reading, and other activities, which relate to classroom work.

The purposes of homework are to:

1. Develop regular and efficient study habits
2. Reinforce learning
3. Allow for individual differences


Grade levels School days (Mon. - Thurs.) daily
K - 2 10 - 15 minutes
3 - 4 15 - 20 minutes
5 - 6 20 - 25 minutes
7 - 8 25 - 30 minutes

A similar timeline should be considered for weekends.

Please note that “Homework” is work assigned specifically to be completed at home. It does not include unfinished class work due to inefficient use of class time.

It should be noted that these are suggestions for the “average” student and consequently the actual time spent by each student will vary considerably. If your child is putting in consistently more time doing homework than the guidelines suggest, please contact the school for clarification and possible adjustment to your child’s program


Students are required to complete homework assignments on time. Students failing to complete homework assignments will be sent to the homework completion room during the midday recess. Should a student fail to complete their assignment in the homework completion room it will be reassigned for the following day. Students who habitually fail to complete their homework assignments will be dealt with in accordance to Woking School’s discipline policy.